Yacutinga Insight | 3 nights

YOGA and MEDITATION in the heart of the Iguazu Forest.

This program was specially designed for encouraging the relationship between Man and Nature in an original and inspiring way. Our program was created for people who are looking for alternatives to improve their lives in a holistic way, and who are also willing to discover and enjoy Nature in an exuberant environment, full of wildlife.

The Insight program invites us to encounter ourselves with our inner space because, when we aware of the calm that pervades nature, we are able to connect with the calm that exists within ourselves. This is a unique experience that mixes yoga and meditation, together with interpretive nature activities.

Regarding our meals; Yacutinga´s menu is based on vegan or vegetarian food. Nutrition for us is very important since it is one of the stilts to find our interior balance. Food is prepared with love and dedication at the Lodge kitchen.

When we prepare our plates, we only use fruits and vegetables produced in the surrounding area- in this way, we can guarantee that they are fresh and avoid the contamination by chemicals that usually carry mass production. Each dish is made with love & dedication in our kitchen, trying to combine flavour, freshness and proper nutrition.

Our optional environmental activities invite our guests to discover the curiosities of the Sub-tropical Rainforest; these activities take place inside the exclusive Yacutinga Wildlife Reserve and are guided by experts. Discovering the peculiarities of this fascinating ecosystem is a unique experience that takes us back to our roots, and makes us rediscover the natural world. Through a correct interpretation, Nature with its ancestral wisdom, takes us back to a world to which we belong in our deepest essence.

Day 1:

Puerto Iguazú (Meeting Point) / Yacutinga Lodge

2.00 p.m.  Meeting Point and Luggage check in.

2.30 p.m. Transfer from our meeting point in Puerto Iguazú to Yacutinga Lodge.

We start our journey from Puerto Iguazú to the heart of the Iguazu Rainforest. When we arrive to Comandante Andresito, the landscape is really picturesque- characterized by a deep green and reddish soil. It is a rural area recently tamed by colonists and pioneers of the XX century willing for a better future. The main economic pillar of this remote Argentinian area is a plant called locally Yerba Mate or South American Green Tea. Some decades ago also known as ¨The Green Gold¨.

5.00 p.m.- In the afternoon, we arrive to the Lodge; guests are welcomed by our staff and guided to their rooms.

6.30 p.m.-  Yoga practice at the Hummingbirds Garden. We stretch our body after the arrival trip.

7.00 p.m.-  Interesting introductory and informative talk about the environmental situation of the Iguazú Rain Forest and its state of Conservation; including some recommendations for your stay at Yacutinga Lodge.

Dinner.  Vegan or vegetarian food.

Overnight at Yacutinga Lodge.

Day 2:

Yacutinga Lodge. Yacutinga Private Nature Reserve.

Sunrise Yoga and Meditation session at the treetops. Our day starts with a guided meditation session at the Palmetto tower. We will try to bring our mind to a state of peace by focusing in the “here and now”. Meditation makes us feel full of energy, helps us to reduce stress and to be alert and focussed, improving awareness and self-expression by connecting with our inner self.  We will also do some conscious breathing control exercises.

Vital breakfast.

Free time for optional eco-tours such as gentle hikes through the different interpretative trails of the exclusive Yacutinga Private Reserve or kayaking through the Jungle waters. All activities are organized and scouted by the Environmental Guides of  Yacutinga.

Lunch – Vegan or vegetarian food.

After lunch, we invite our guests to collect herbs and flowers from the surrounding jungle area. The Yacutinga staff will teach them about the medicinal properties they have learned empirically. We will taste the different infusions made from the herbs we collected together.

At dusk Yoga at the Hummingbirds Garden. Yoga is a system of self-actualization that aims to achieve harmony in every aspect: individual, social and natural. In the individual aspect, this practice helps us reach our potential, not only at the physical level, but also at the psychological and spiritual levels.

Dinner.  Vegan or Vegetarian food.

After dinner, next to the main fireplace, we will dedicate our free time to share experiences and read, while enjoying the deep quietness of the Rainforest night.

Overnight at Yacutinga Lodge.

Day 3:

Yacutinga Lodge. Yacutinga Private Nature Reserve

Sunrise with Yoga at the Hummingbirds Garden.

Vital Breakfast

Free time for optional eco-tours such as gentle hikes through the different interpretative trails of the exclusive Yacutinga Private Reserve or kayaking through the Jungle waters. All activities are organized and scouted by the Environmental Guides of Yacutinga.

Lunch – Vegan or vegetarian food.

After lunch, free time for optional eco-tours or any Insight activity organized by the yoga staff.

Dinner.  Vegan or vegetarian food.

Meditation under the stars. We will connect with the Milky-Way.

This unique South Hemisphere bright night sky spectacle can be seen here because of the lack of refraction. The sky becomes the centre at night, since we can admire its immensity and a huge amount of stars. It is a magic moment.

Wrapped by this marvellous context, we will practice meditation, to deeply relate to the sounds and smells of the night.

Overnight at Yacutinga Lodge.

Day 4:

Yacutinga Lodge / Puerto Iguazú (Meeting Point)

Early morning Yoga session at the Hummingbirds Garden.

Vital Breakfast.

Native Orchids Rescue Eco- Program– After breakfast, we invite you to participate in this conservation effort that Yacutinga Reserve has been promoting for several years.*

9.30 a.m. – Check Out.

10.00 a.m. – Transfer back to Puerto Iguazú (Meeting Point).

12,30/ 1.00 p.m.  Final arrival to Puerto Iguazú.

End of our services.

*Several years ago, at Yacutinga Private Nature Reserve we have confirmed the presence of various troops of Primates.

The two representative species in this zone of the Misiones Province are the Capuchin Monkey (Cebus apella) and the Black Howler Monkey (Alouatta caraya). The overpopulation of these monkeys has produced a severe impact on the natural balance of our protected area being the bulbous orchids one of the groups that have been suffering the biggest negative impact, since the primates forage for them intensively.

Monkeys while chewing on these bulbs throw them to the bottom of the Jungle forcing arboreal epiphytes to survive at the low level of the Jungle. This is a new and different environment dominated by high humidity and moisture for this type of plants.

Epiphytes developing on treetops fallen on the ground due to the frenetic search for nutrients by Monkeys and as a main resource for water because their chewing juicy bulbs. Unfortunately, these orchids while fall on the ground, they die because of the change of habitat they have to undergo. In order to diminish this negative impact on Epiphytes we have developed the ¨Orchid Rescue Program¨ to re-locate orchids into the Reserve.

Note: We reserve the right to modify the services or itinerary according to operational needs to preserve and guarantee the best possible ecotourism service, as well as visitor safety

Photo Gallery

“Hideaway in the Forest!”

The accommodations were excellent. The individual ‘cottages’ are uniquely artistic with a screened porch. All of the expected amenities are available and one could easily forget they are in a forest until they look out the window. I traveled to Yacutinga with OAT (Overland Adventure Trips).

Elaine E.Benicia, California

“Amazing place and awesome food”

We spent three nights in the suite after visiting the Iguazú falls and we highly recommend this experience to every nature lover. The activities like walks or kayak were early in the morning. Durning our excursions we saw monkeys, lizards and many kind of birds. Fortunately not much mosquitos at all!
In the afternoon we had time to rest enjoying the pool, the hammocks in the garden, the huge room and the amazing sound of the forest.

Massimiliano V.USA

“Loved it here”

Really nice place where you have the feeling you are in the middle of nowhere (and you actually are). The little houses in which you sleep are good and has everything you need. Warm water, good beds and enough space. The food is really good, super delicious!

Thysa M.USA

“Charming and Unique!”

A very special place and setting. The hikes and information sessions were extremely interesting and the food was excellent. The staff bent over backwards to ensure that needs were met. Highly recommend Yacutinga Lodge!

Atir R.Washington, USA

“Beautiful place and awesome food!”

Yacutinga is a private lodge in the Misiones rain forest. They have a central house with restaurante and living room area where you have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is unbelievable, home made and very tasty. Then there are different small houses, very simple style

Caroline B.USA


A phenomenal environmentally friendly lodge. Gourmet food too! Excellent guides, unique trails and an opportunity to be present in the rainforest. Bring bug spray, wear long pants and long sleeves. Be prepared to be dazzled!!

Denise C.Edmonton, Canada

“Paradise in the jungle”

Yacutinga Lodge is a small example of paradise in the jungle. The lodge itself is based on a number of small cottages set in the jungle with a central complex with dining room, lounge and bar &c. The accommodation is basic but clean and comfortable

Simon A.UK

“Ecological Paradise”

I was here for only 2 days and nights, but this place was amazing. The Lodge is an ecological masterpiece, peacefully nestled within the rain forest. The staff was by far, the most friendly we met during our 28-day tour of South America. Wonderful people

Joe M.Houston, Texas

“Jungle Deluxe”

The Yacutinga Lodge sets the tone with the check-in area and lobby with natural wood chairs, desk, stairs and more. Steps away are the well-maintained pool and beautiful party / bar / outdoor kitchen areas. The individual lodges are clean and well protected from marauding mosquitoes.


“A Fun Side Trip”

Staff and guide were great. Accommodations we’re surprisingly good in an out of the way place. Loved the food and the fact that the place was built out of natural products. I was part of a tour heading to Iguazú Falls

Carl P.California