Useful Information | About the local culture

    Dear traveler,
    We kindly request you to take a few minutes to read the following information. It refers to what we consider GOOD ECOTOURISTIC PRACTICES. Hoping to be implemented during your visit to Yacutinga Lodge.

    Tourism in our region has grown significantly since the Iguassu Falls went positioned as one of the most impressive tourist destinations in South America and mostly from September 2011, this growth was further increased when the Falls were selected as one of the 7 Natural Wonders in the Planet.

    More than one million foreign visitors are received in the Falls area during the year, a fact that in turn generates a very dynamic and intense cultural exchange.

    Undoubtedly this cultural exchange brings benefits to host populations, while welcoming this flow of visitors year after year.
    Yacutinga Lodge, as a model of ecotourism practices for the area, assumes the challenge that this growth produced. One of our major challenges is to provide excellent service without negatively impacting our Community represented by Pioneers, Farmers and Guarani People.

    With the desire to make your stay remarkable and fantastic as well as enjoy our profession while attending you we request to read carefully the following standard of conduct expected by any of our guests.

    We believe that the journey you are planning to do is planned and practiced as a means of personal and collective development. If carried out with a mind eager to discover another way of life, surely the experience will be an irreplaceable factor in terms of self-education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences produced by the diversity of peoples and cultures.

    We all have roles to play when traveling to exotic places, perhaps the most important is to TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY.

    For this, please support us in these definitions.

    • Open up to different cultures and traditions: the experience will be a mean of transformation. You will earn the respect of the local population. Be tolerant and respect diversity; observe the traditions and cultural practices of the place.
    • Respect for human rights. Any form of exploitation violates the fundamental aims of tourism. Child sexual exploitation is a crime punishable in the place where it is carried out as in Country offender’s residence.
    • Help preserve our ecosystem. Protect the flora and fauna and our habitat. Please do not buy any products made from native plants and animals.
    • Respect Cultural Resources. All tourism should be practiced with respect for the artistic, archaeological and culture visited.
    • Your journey contributes to economic and social development. Buy crafts and local products to support local economy. In case of haggling, we ask not to forget the rules of “fair trade and fair wage.”
    • Before you leave home and if choosing us as part of your journey, please continue reading the relevant information we present on our website.
    • Gather as much information as possible about your destination, and take time to understand customs, norms and traditions. Avoid behavior that could offend local population.
    • Learn about current legislation to not commit any act considered an offense in the country visited. Traffics in drugs, arms, antiques, protected species and hazardous substances are prohibited.
    • Be an Ambassador of your Country. People who receive and assist you during your trip will appreciate it deeply.
    • While staying at Yacutinga Lodge and specially during exploration of our Private Nature Reserve, please pay special attention to the indications of your Environmental Guide. This person has been trained to ensure your safety beyond the extensive knowledge about this ecosystem. Please, respect your Guide indications at all times.

    With great affection, 
    Carlos Sandoval