The Lodge | Our Private nature reserve

Yacutinga Lodge is not just an ecotourism project located in the Argentine Jungle. We believe that there is an important worldwide need of protecting nature while generating an economical income. At Yacutinga we are doing it.

The ecotourism activity is one of our economic stilts, but there are also other sustainable projects, which are being developed in the Yacutinga area.

With the biological and technical support of the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (WWF asociated organization) and the outcomes of the researches that have taken place at the Yacutinga Biological Station we are conducting different projects to create a general use of our Private Reserve without spoiling Nature.

Since the start of the project we have been concerned about minimizing natural impact generated in the environment of the area. At the same time, we had to find a balance between the use of surrounding Nature and fine-tuning of an excellent ecotourism service.

We believe that we managed to meet this challenge following modern sustainability criteria based on:

  • The responsibility of managing from the private sector one of the relict areas of Misiones Forest.
  • Employment and training of local staff for ecotourism service production.
  • Banning and drastic control of poaching and fishing in the area.
  • Development of Forest restoration programs to recuperate altered areas.
  • Development of Wild fauna re-breeding programs to repopulate and relocate specimens. (project ended)
  • Execution of several research programs with the aim of acquiring appropriate knowledge on resources provided by the Forest.
  • Encouraging co-participation with our Mbya Guarani neighbors to implement sustainable productive activities.
  • Furthermore, in agreement with our own convictions and philosophy, we have multiplied our efforts to reduce the effects of our presence in the area, by designing and applying recycling systems and rationing the energy we produce.
  • Water in the Lodge is highly pure. It comes from a well that reaches the second groundwater, and which goes through this latertic soil at 85 m in depth.
  • The hot water system in the room modules uses solar energy first and then optimizes a constant water temperature by means of non-contaminant electric heaters.
  •  The swimming pool consumes large amount of energy and potable water; therefore, to reduce and optimize water use we have designed a system that collects rainwater on the large roofs of the main building. Rainwater flow is diverted to the swimming pool forming an artificial waterfall that drags fallen leaves with its current. In this way, we keep the swimming pool clean during storms.
  • An additional system of discharge treatment has been designed in all the bathrooms of the establishment. This system is known as External Engineered Marsh, and uses the plants of saturated soils (like marshlands) whose roots are capable of absorbing the nutrients present in stagnant waters.
  • There are no air conditioners in the building; instead they have been architecturally designed to have a fresh air current inside, which comes from the surrounding understory and enters each building from a system located under the foundations.

Keeping our commitment to live in harmony with Nature, we consider each detail and try to provide the best ecotourism service possible in the Forest. E-mail services through a leading edge satellite system to comfortable beds with natural cotton linen.

The main building is the starting point of the activities. Early in the morning or in the afternoon, even at night, our expert guides organize floating trips or walks along the different interpretation trails.

No more than 12 people ever participate in each tour at a time. All our trips are based on respect for the natural environment, its silence and interpretation. Our guides, specialized in Misiones wildlife, are proficient at English. Local people also guide our tours, since they provide complementary information on the use of medicinal plants of the Forest, tracking and identification of wild animal footprints and many other topics of interest to the traveler.

You do not need to be an expert in environment or biology to enjoy your stay at Yacutinga Lodge. Much on the contrary, one of the conceptual keystones of our project is environmental education. At Yacutinga Lodge, we base our services on respect for the local culture, offering traditional local cuisine with international-level preparation and presentation.

Meals at the lodge are prepared with farm products provided by our neighbors. We strongly believe that all of us must be respectful of nature, since we are part of it.

From Misiones Forest, people at Yacutinga Lodge make an effort to transmit this environmental awareness in a completely natural way. We like to do it, and in some way we feel proud of it.

We are happy to know that, when coming back home, our guests pass on their community the knowledge that we were able to provide them here.

For those who are interested in specific environmental topics, we have organized stays focused on bird watching and classification, entomology, medicinal plants, orchids and bromeliads.

In 2003 Yacutinga Lodge and its Wildlife Refuge was selected by the World Tourism Organization as one of the 60 model ecotourism enterprises at the World Level.

Photo Gallery

“Hideaway in the Forest!”

The accommodations were excellent. The individual ‘cottages’ are uniquely artistic with a screened porch. All of the expected amenities are available and one could easily forget they are in a forest until they look out the window. I traveled to Yacutinga with OAT (Overland Adventure Trips).

Elaine E.Benicia, California

“Amazing place and awesome food”

We spent three nights in the suite after visiting the Iguazú falls and we highly recommend this experience to every nature lover. The activities like walks or kayak were early in the morning. Durning our excursions we saw monkeys, lizards and many kind of birds. Fortunately not much mosquitos at all!
In the afternoon we had time to rest enjoying the pool, the hammocks in the garden, the huge room and the amazing sound of the forest.

Massimiliano V.USA

“Loved it here”

Really nice place where you have the feeling you are in the middle of nowhere (and you actually are). The little houses in which you sleep are good and has everything you need. Warm water, good beds and enough space. The food is really good, super delicious!

Thysa M.USA

“Charming and Unique!”

A very special place and setting. The hikes and information sessions were extremely interesting and the food was excellent. The staff bent over backwards to ensure that needs were met. Highly recommend Yacutinga Lodge!

Atir R.Washington, USA

“Beautiful place and awesome food!”

Yacutinga is a private lodge in the Misiones rain forest. They have a central house with restaurante and living room area where you have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is unbelievable, home made and very tasty. Then there are different small houses, very simple style

Caroline B.USA


A phenomenal environmentally friendly lodge. Gourmet food too! Excellent guides, unique trails and an opportunity to be present in the rainforest. Bring bug spray, wear long pants and long sleeves. Be prepared to be dazzled!!

Denise C.Edmonton, Canada

“Paradise in the jungle”

Yacutinga Lodge is a small example of paradise in the jungle. The lodge itself is based on a number of small cottages set in the jungle with a central complex with dining room, lounge and bar &c. The accommodation is basic but clean and comfortable

Simon A.UK

“Ecological Paradise”

I was here for only 2 days and nights, but this place was amazing. The Lodge is an ecological masterpiece, peacefully nestled within the rain forest. The staff was by far, the most friendly we met during our 28-day tour of South America. Wonderful people

Joe M.Houston, Texas

“Jungle Deluxe”

The Yacutinga Lodge sets the tone with the check-in area and lobby with natural wood chairs, desk, stairs and more. Steps away are the well-maintained pool and beautiful party / bar / outdoor kitchen areas. The individual lodges are clean and well protected from marauding mosquitoes.


“A Fun Side Trip”

Staff and guide were great. Accommodations we’re surprisingly good in an out of the way place. Loved the food and the fact that the place was built out of natural products. I was part of a tour heading to Iguazú Falls

Carl P.California