Mision, Visión & our Values

We are a company made up of local people who want to keep one of the few remaining Misionesra in forest that exist in an excellent state of conservation. For this purpose we decided to create the Yacutinga Project characterized by a cutting-edge hotel concept, adhered to strict criteria of sustainability in tourism.

These criteria are based on respect for the environment that shelters us, social responsibility and of course the high satisfaction of our guests and related staff.

The Atlantic Forest has been a strenuous environmental aggression, the proof is the dramatic decline of its biodiversity. The remnants of this ecosystem are ecologically vital to ensure not only the preservation of lush flora and fauna but also to perpetuate this ecosystem environmental service generates. Against this backdrop we note that the implementation of environmentally & social responsible business are part of a modern solution adapted to the current circumstances. Therefore Yacutinga Lodge is anchored in the concept, having successfully crystallized concepts of tourism sustainability as model to study.
Our goal is to be anexample to follow.

The XXI Century detected in the current Society a series of situations that threaten the chances of a sustainable, responsible and equitable behaviour, not only for the human population but also for all beings that give life to our Planet.

That is why our Company bases its action following these values,

Honesty, as the foundation of all relationship.
Responsibility, as the foundation of any process.
Equanimity as the foundation of our behavior.
Environmental Sustainability as the foundation for the future.
Social Responsibility as a basis for the present.
Best Effort, as the foundation of ecotourism operation.
Teamwork, as a basis for achieving our goals.