Useful information | Iguassu Falls

Welcome to Iguazu !

The Iguazu Falls are certainly the most beautiful in the world located in a lush vegetation of Subtropical Rainforest. This falls are protected by the Iguazu National Park ( Argentina and Brazil). It is a majestic freak of nature , they become a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are more than 275 powerful cascades some of tqhem reaching up to 75 yards high spreading thousands of cubic meters of water from the Iguazu River. Without a doubt a fascinating spectacle. This natural setting , where they are still vestiges of old Jesuit missions , is presented to the visitor as one of the most wonderful natural experiences.

The Waterfalls can be explored on foot, as there are circuits with easy access walkways built for that purpose. Crossing bridges , stairways and paths full of greenery, enjoy the magnificent views from below and from above to reach the highest point of astonishment : The Garganta del Diablo. Is worth closer to perceive the magnificence of the falling waters . This cliff of over 90 yards tall proposes a surprising scenography .

In addition to the Garganta del Diablo , there are several magic cascades; they are Bosetti , Two Sisters , San Martin , Eve and Adan, Three Musketeers and Rivadavia.

During full moon nights rangers from the National Park system conducted special trips to delight visitors with the several rainbows formed by the myst and moonlight of the noisy Jungle.

Information provided by ITUREM – Iguazu Ente Municipal de Turismo