Iguazu Falls – Yoga and Meditation in the heart of the Rainforest.

The best option to practice yoga and meditate in a jungle environment after the visit to the Iguazu Falls.

Yacutinga Insight.

3 overnights at Yacutinga Lodge.

 This program was specially designed for encouraging the relationship between Man and Nature in an original and inspiring way. Our program was created for people who are looking for alternatives to improve their lives in a holistic way, and who are also willing to discover and enjoy Nature in an exuberant environment, full of wildlife.

The Insight program invites us to encounter ourselves with our inner space because, when we aware of the calm that pervades nature, we are able to connect with the calm that exists within ourselves. This is a unique experience that mixes yoga and meditation, together with interpretive nature activities.

Regarding our meals; Yacutinga´s menu is based on vegan or vegetarian food. Nutrition for us is very important since it is one of the stilts to find our interior balance. Food is prepared with love and dedication at the Lodge kitchen.

When we prepare our plates, we only use fruits and vegetables produced in the surrounding area- in this way, we can guarantee that they are fresh and avoid the contamination by chemicals that usually carry mass production. Each dish is made with love & dedication in our kitchen, trying to combine flavour, freshness and proper nutrition.

Our optional environmental activities invite our guests to discover the curiosities of the Sub-tropical Rainforest; these activities take place inside the exclusive Yacutinga Wildlife Reserve and are guided by experts. Discovering the peculiarities of this fascinating ecosystem is a unique experience that takes us back to our roots, and makes us rediscover the natural world. Through a correct interpretation, Nature with its ancestral wisdom, takes us back to a world to which we belong in our deepest essence.

Yacutinga Insight - Yoga & Meditation


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Pre y Post Birding Tours – Ornithological Congress of the Americas – Yacutinga Lodge, Yacutinga Private Wildlife Refuge

Pre tour: August 5th to August 7th 2017

Post tour: August 12nd to August 14th 2017

(2 nights)

 Yacutinga Private Reserve, is located in the northeastern part of Argentina, only 60 miles from the famous Iguazú falls. The Reserve belongs to the Interior Atlantic rainforest eco-region, at the Phyto-geographic district of the Rose Wood (Aspidosperma polyneuron) and the Palmetto(Euterpe edulis).

Characterized by a warm climate with constant humidity and the lack of dry seasons, this area is the most bio-diverse of Argentina. It works as a giant greenhouse.
It is an evergreen jungle, surprising and often impenetrable.

As a result of this peculiar weather conditions this lush green represented by more than 5 layers of vegetation are home of more than the 50% of the bird species present in the Country.

Yacutinga Environmental Project, was born in the 2000 with the objective of conserving 1400 acres of this Subtropical Jungle. This Protected Area has been declared as Yacutinga Private Wildlife Refuge at a national conservation status.

The premise has been to generate a low-impact ecotourism activity which, following modern concepts of sustainability, conserves the biological richness that characterizes this Reserve, protecting it and even improving it through the technical assistance of the Argentine Wildlife Foundation and the own efforts made by the Company.

The environmental quality of this Protected Area, with its variety of interpretation trails that allow to discover different natural environments, added to the comfort and the service that characterizes Yacutinga Lodge guarantee a very pleasant, comfortable and successful ornithological expedition

It is an excellent birding spot for diurnal and nocturnal observation, including some endemism and several migratory species (winter and Summer migrations).

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Are you planning your next Thanksgiving holidays? Are you thinking to travel to SouthAmerica?


Argentina & Brazil . An intense contact with Nature and Local Culture. Without a doubt the Iguassu Falls are one of the highlights of any travel plan to South America.

These marvelous Falls and the National Park Iguazú have been declared World Site Heritage by UNESCO and recently they have been included as one of the World Natural Wonders of our planet.
Perhaps all these distinctions may sound pretentious but as soon as you get immersed in the vast green of this National Park and start listening to the powerful roar of the waters falling chaotically, immediately you’ll understand an unusual natural theatre is opening its stunning show.

Iguazú falls Yacutinga Lodge

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4 days and 3 nights dedicated to discover the northeast jungle area of Argentina. It is a pristine place where the past melts with the present. 60 miles east from the famous Iguassu Falls at the border between Brazil and Argentina extends a large portion of subtropical rainforest protected by environmental laws.

This interesting journey is surprising for the adventurous traveller. Away from massive tourism extend beautiful landscapes characterized by rich biodiversity, lush green jungle vegetation in contrast with its red soil.

Powerful rivers and bucolic streams irrigate the forest. Clear blue sky. The curious living history of the Guarani native people, and their relation with european pioneers.

At night, the shout of an owl, the fantastic Milky Way, and the magic of the Jungle by a fireplace at the comfort of Yacutinga Lodge accommodations.

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