Iguazu Wasserfälle. Argentinien und Brasilien – Die wunderbaren Wasserfälle von Iguazu und der Südamerikanische innere Atlantische Regenwald

 Im äusserstIguazu  Fallsen Nordosten von Argentinien, an der Grenze zu Brasilien, liegen die atemberaubenden Wasserfälle von Iguazu. Sie formen ein beeindruckendes drei Kilometer breites Hufeisen, das aus mehr als 270 unterschiedlichen und einzigartigen Wasserkaskaden besteht. Die Iguazu Wasserfälle mit den dazugehörigen  Nationalparks gehören zum UNESCO-Welterbe.

Der üppige subtropische Dschungel ist charakteristisch für diese Gegend. Geschützt wird der Dschungel von verschiedenen Nationalparks, darunter der Argentinische Nationalpark Iguazú, der Brasilianische Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, mehrere staatliche Parks (die meisten davon liegen in Argentinien) und wenige private Naturreservate.

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Iguazu Falls. Argentina and Brazil – The marvelous Iguazu Falls and the South America Interior Atlantic Rainforest

Iguazu  Falls Located at the extreme northeast of Argentina close the border with Brazil, the breath-taking Iguazu Falls form an impressive 3-kilometer wide horseshoe including more tan 270 individual cascades. The Iguazu Falls have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The lush subtropical jungle characteristic of this area is protected by two National Parks, the Argentine Iguazu National Park and the Brazilian Parque Nacional do Iguacu, several State Parks most of them located in Argentina and some Private Nature Reserves. Continue reading

Travel Iguazu Falls – Argentina and Brazil.

2The spectacular Iguazu Falls are undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural wonders of our Planet.

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Tourism at the Iguazu Falls area. What to do ?

Best spoken eco tours at the upper Iguazu river

nota-6-1Most probably you are organizing your trip including the visit to the famous Iguazu waterfalls. Due to its location and environmental concept, Yacutinga Lodge has become the best option to explore in detail the peculiarities of the Argentinian Interior Atlantic Rainforest .

Yacutinga is the ideal extension for your trip to the Iguazu Falls. A unique experience just 2 hrs away from the amazing Iguazu Falls to enjoy the magic and relaxing peace of the place while discovering the curiosities of its flora and fauna.


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Iguazú in Concert 2014

1346“Iguazu en Concierto” is a music festival of juvenile choirs and orchestras. Seven hundred teens and children arrive from the five continents to play on a wonderful scenario; the Iguassu Waterfalls and the Atlantic Jungle in its maximum potencial.

During 6 uninterrupted days, different free concerts can be watched in different hotels in the area.

As a final act, the choirs join the orchestra to play a wonderful concert in front of the waterfalls, truly a show you must not miss.

This event counts with the presence of big Argentinian music personalities, such as Elena Roger who was the godmother in the year 2013. She did various interpretations during the festival, including her acting in the final concert next to the seven hundred children and teens. In the 2012, Gustavo Santaolla had the privilege role of playing in the final concert with the children.

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