Tourism at the Iguazu Falls area. What to do ?

Best spoken eco tours at the upper Iguazu river

nota-6-1Most probably you are organizing your trip including the visit to the famous Iguazu waterfalls. Due to its location and environmental concept, Yacutinga Lodge has become the best option to explore in detail the peculiarities of the Argentinian Interior Atlantic Rainforest .

Yacutinga is the ideal extension for your trip to the Iguazu Falls. A unique experience just 2 hrs away from the amazing Iguazu Falls to enjoy the magic and relaxing peace of the place while discovering the curiosities of its flora and fauna.


These type of tourist services have been designed exclusively for nature lovers, curious travellers, all interested in a full contact with subtropical jungle and eager for a different tourist experience away from mass tourism.
Beyond the experience of staying at the Iguazu Falls area, we believe your visit to Yacutinga will provide you many additional experiences.


The fact of discovering and exploring the exclusive Yacutinga Nature Private Reserve during the organized gentle jungle hikes and paddling canoe trips through tranquil jungle rivers, will definitely feed and broad your knowledge about this type of ecosystem.- Yacutinga’s characteristics and concepts promoting an excellent relationship between local people and visitors will also offer guests a South American vision regarding the environment and society.

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In a globalized world we believe this cultural exchange is very positive. The ecosystem from which Yacutinga Lodge is part of is one of the most threatened natural environments of our Planet. It is technically called Atlantic Interior Rainforest Forest.
Because we love the upper Iguazu river and the surrounding jungle we want you to know and its environmental situation and state of conservation.

Our guest is not just a visitor, but someone who directly or indirectly helps us to keep this relic of Atlantic forest. If you decide to participate in what we’re doing here, you will be making your holiday something interesting, socially and environmentally useful.

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The dominated atmosphere of this place is the respect to the environment. This has allowed us to adequately protect the 570 hectares of forest that compose the Yacutinga Private Nature Reserve, reason we managed to responsibly relate to the wildlife that inhabits this protected area, to know its corners and dazzle us with each expression of life offered to us.


We have learned during all these years in the forest, to be surprised with every detail, every natural process, with each colour and each smell. If you open your senses, we invite you to discover all these small & large details that characterize one of the most bio-diverse environments of our Planet.
Ultimately, it’s an interpretative and nourishing experience.


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