“5 Good reasons to visit Yacutinga”

According to the United Nations, more than half of the world inhabitants currently live in cities. May be you are one of them? Cities are often crowed, noisy, stressful, so why don’t you allow yourself a city break and come to the peaceful rainforest of Yacutinga? Here are 5 good reasons why you should definitely dare to do it.


Yacutinga Hotel Iguazu Jungle


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4 days and 3 nights dedicated to discover the northeast jungle area of Argentina. It is a pristine place where the past melts with the present. 60 miles east from the famous Iguassu Falls at the border between Brazil and Argentina extends a large portion of subtropical rainforest protected by environmental laws.

This interesting journey is surprising for the adventurous traveller. Away from massive tourism extend beautiful landscapes characterized by rich biodiversity, lush green jungle vegetation in contrast with its red soil.

Powerful rivers and bucolic streams irrigate the forest. Clear blue sky. The curious living history of the Guarani native people, and their relation with european pioneers.

At night, the shout of an owl, the fantastic Milky Way, and the magic of the Jungle by a fireplace at the comfort of Yacutinga Lodge accommodations.

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General Information Brazil Travelbook

info brazil (2)The giant of South America is the continent’s largest country and fifth in the world. Its 8.5 million square kilometers of land are covered by beaches, huge cities, waterfalls, 191, 5 million people, carnival, football and the jungle, much forest, the overwhelming green of the Amazon rainforest lining 3.6 million km ² in North Central region. But it is not unique. To the south, the Parana forest is home to the Iguassu Falls, natural wonder that it shares with Argentina and it is separated by the river of the same name.

It is the only Latin American country where people speak Portuguese as official language and shares borders with almost all its neighbors, except Ecuador and Chile.

Unlike Argentina, the seasons are not well defined; being predominantly tropical climate, with little cold temperatures, with the exception of the southern region, where winter is felt, being below the Tropic of Capricorn.

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General Information Argentina Travelbook

info argen (2)Located at the south of the southern hemisphere, in South America, Argentina is a Country crossed by diversity. From north to south and from east to west, each region is unique and is distinguished by its characteristics. Its vast territory of almost 3.8 million km ² is immersed in latitude that gives the well-defined four seasons: summer from December to March, autumn from March to June, winter from June to September and spring September December. Its neighboring countries are on the north, Paraguay and Bolivia, Brazil’s northeast, west, Andes through Chile and the east, Uruguay, accompanied by 4,725 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.

The economic and political capital of the country is Buenos Aires. Lying on the Río de la Plata is the gateway for foreign visitors. Ezeiza International Airport, located 22 km. away from the Federal Capital, it receives all external flights and Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, just 2 miles from downtown, connects the city with the rest of the country.

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