Hotels in Puerto Iguazú

National Park Iguazú HotelMore than 50 hotels of different categories, providing a total of 7000 beds available, open their doors to the millions of tourists who visit every year, challenging the mighty Iguassu Falls in Argentina.

This wonderful natural landscape, located in the Province of Misiones, 17 km from the city of Puerto Iguassu, today has a wide range of hotels, from luxury 5 star hotels to small inns, covering all the needs of the various types of rating:

The classic Sheraton Hotel is known for having a privileged location, as it is the only hotel located within the Iguassu National Park, with a nice view of the water falls. It is ideal for traditional travelers, who choose service Hotel Chains, and prefer to enjoy and explore the falls early in the morning, avoiding the peak hours of the park. Thanks to the large number of rooms that comprise, and meeting rooms, is one of the hotels that manage to accommodate large groups, and host large conventions and events in the City.

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Yacutinga Sustainable

Sustainable development policy within the tourism industry and beyond – a living document

Yacutinga Lodge & Nature Reserve

Misty-JungleSustainable tourism has established itself as not only a large and crucial component of a rapidly growing tourism industry, but also an invaluable and increasingly effective weapon in the fight against the destruction and loss of our natural ecosystems and cultural heritage.

Concepts of sustainability itself are relative newcomers to mainstream culture, having evolved from early ideas about ecotourism, adventure tourism and responsible travel. These contemporary forms of traditional tourism gained prevalence in the late 1980s and steadily took root as enthusiasm for conservationism and sustainable practice, or ‘green living’, grew hand in hand with increasing concerns over the fragility of our environment. In 1987, the `Brundland Report’ to the United Nations General Assembly, alerted the world to the urgency required in making swift progress toward economic development that could be sustained without depleting natural resources or harming the environment.

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