5 reasons to come to Yacutinga to practice Yoga & Meditation

Today a lot of people are more familiar with names of TV shows and social media companies than the wildlife and vegetation growing around us. We’ve alienated ourselves from the natural world. Our modern environment— fluorescent lights, stale air, phone screens—is dulling our senses and contributing to major health concerns and the global environmental crisis. It’s about time we reassessed, recalibrated, and reset. It’s time we got back to our roots. Experience Yacutinga Insight program it’s best way to feel your true nature!


1. Pure nature. Surround yourself with sounds of the Atlantic rainforest. Lush green vegetation, orchestra of birds, water from natural source, fresh air will help you completely restore yourself.

Yoga en la pileta

2. Yoga. Learn how to listen your body. Our teacher will softly guide you into deep practice of understanding yourself. Improving your flexibility, strongness, increase the tone of the whole body.

IMG_1172 (3)

3. Meditation. Release your mind from stress and routine of social life. Techniques that we give will help you to bring mind to a state of peace by focusing in the “here and now”.


Meditación Marianela

4. Healing food. We prepare our meals from products produced in the neighboring farms. Like this we can guarantee they are fresh and do not contain chemicals. Each dish is made with love and combine amazing taste and proper nutrition that needs your body.


5. Jungle tea. We invite you to collect herbs and flowers from the surrounding jungle. Learn about their medicinal properties and taste different infusions.


Namaste. Please find more info about our Yacutinga Insight experience in the following link:  https://www.yacutinga.com/en/yacutinga-insight/