Reise zu den Iguazu Wasserfällen – Argentinien und Brasilien

Die spektakulären Iguazu Wasserfälle sind gewiss einer der eindrücklichsten Naturwunder unserer Erde.
Jungle Hotel
Der Iguazu formt eine natürliche Grenze zwischen Argentinien und Brasilien, zwei fantastische Länder für inspirierende Reisen. Eine Reise nach Südamerika ist voll von Erlebnissen. Clevere Reisende entdecken die Wunder der Diversität des subtropischen Regenwaldes und geniessen dabei freundlichen Service in einer ausgezeichneten Unterkunft.
In den letzten Jahren hat sich im nachhaltigen Tourismus die Planung unserer Trips zu entlegenen und exotischen Orten, verändert. Diese Art des Tourismus bietet einen näheren Kontakt mit der einheimischen Bevölkerung und ist gekennzeichnet durch eine tolle Verbindung zwischen den Reisefreuden und der Interaktion mit der lokalen Kultur sowie der Möglichkeit entlegene Orte, fern vom Massentourismus, zu besuchen.

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Upper Iguassu Rainforest

A genetic heritage to be preserved

colibriThe Yacutinga Private Reserve is located at the south border of the Iguazu River, in the northeastern part of the Misiones Province in Argentina.

The main goals are conservation and protection of the flora and fauna characteristic to this type of forest. One of the pillars to achieve this mission is the investigation which is being carried out by Yacutingas’ Biological Station.

One of the most important goals at the Biological Station is the Inventory Project of native species to the Atlantic Forest. The Rosewood Aspidosperma polyneuron) and Palmetto (Euterpe edulis) environment, which the YPR protects, is located in a peculiar geographic location since there are two characteristics which make this formation possible: one, the high level of solar radiation in accordance to its position; the other, the humid air masses coming from the Atlantic Ocean which generates annual precipitations of 1700mm.

The existence of these factors allows the presence of a jungle in latitude where in other areas deserts or xerophilous forest can be found.
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An exclusive haven for nature lovers in the heart of the lush Iguazu jungle

The best option to enjoy and discover our jungle after visiting Iguassu Falls

haven-1Two hours from the world famous Iguassu Falls, Yacutinga Lodge and it’s wild life refuge, is located deep in the pristine part of the Misiones jungle, almost entirely surrounded by the upper Iquazu river, – the same river that curves through the Nataional Parks of Argentina and Brazil, and continues to flow southward to form a gigantic horseshoe, that becomes the majestic waterfalls. Listed by the World Tourism Organisation as one of the top 60 ecotourism locations worldwide, Yacutinga protects 570 hectacres of land, one of the richest and most exuberant ecosystems in South America.

This green forest by day and copper forest at sunset, with its water and densely contrasting Misiones red soil, reveals the excellent state of conservation of the reserve, that has hardly felt the impact of agriculture and livestock expansion; mainly due to the use of high standards in sustainable tourism.

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Yacutinga Lodge and Wildlife Reserve

Selva Misionera – Argentina

alas-transparentesAll green shades and the red of its soil give life to the “Selva Misionera”, area with the largest biodiversity in Argentina, located in the northern part of the Misiones Province.

This subtropical jungle imposes in its whole, admirable in its pieces, curious in its details The majestic silence which dominates in some moments- make our ears enjoy this infinite sensation, as at the same time alert us about a climate change. The singing of the birds, the buzzing of the insects and the rumor of the breeze through the branches creates a conspiracy which breaks apart the silent and oppressive calmness.

The conscience of being separated by a green vastness from civilization in which we can’t see more ahead than a few meters produces deep sensations which cant be explained by reason.

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