Yacutinga Lodge and Wildlife Reserve

Selva Misionera – Argentina

alas-transparentesAll green shades and the red of its soil give life to the “Selva Misionera”, area with the largest biodiversity in Argentina, located in the northern part of the Misiones Province.

This subtropical jungle imposes in its whole, admirable in its pieces, curious in its details The majestic silence which dominates in some moments- make our ears enjoy this infinite sensation, as at the same time alert us about a climate change. The singing of the birds, the buzzing of the insects and the rumor of the breeze through the branches creates a conspiracy which breaks apart the silent and oppressive calmness.

The conscience of being separated by a green vastness from civilization in which we can’t see more ahead than a few meters produces deep sensations which cant be explained by reason.

The jungle can offer us the frame where our interest for wildlife can be enjoyed. The early morning spectacle with its sunlight flooding through the foliage decorated by dewdrops, surrounded by the birds starting their day is undoubtedly seducing

For the nature lover – there is a unique place in Argentina to enjoy with maximum comfort the “Selva misionera”. Yacutinga Lodge and its Wildlife Nature Reserve are located on the upper Iguassu River at the extreme northeast of Argentina. Only 60 km from the famous Iguassu waterfalls.

The Lodge and its activities

Being in Yacutinga means being in communion with Nature. The buildings are adjusted to the natural relief of the terrain, in harmony with surrounding Nature.

Native materials, such as stones and large logs from fallen trees have been successfully incorporated into the architectural concept of our place, which integrates completely with the natural Environment

Only 4 hectares out of the 570-hectare area of the property have been used to build this unprecedented ecotourism complex in Argentina. During the construction process special care has been taken to minimize negative impacts on nature.

The main building, which includes the Reception, the main Restaurant, the Grill and the Sitting room, provides a special atmosphere because it is surrounded by a Palmetto (Euterpe edulis) stand, which is an endangered species endemic to this area.

From the Main Building, you can go to the garden down a huge log stair, where you will find the eccentrically shaped swimming pool that mimics the environment perfectly.

Accommodations consist of independent lodging modules. The rooms are dispersed throughout the Forest and surround the main building from a certain distance.


Each lodging module has four rooms.

The very comfortable, rustic-style rooms have private bathrooms with 24-hour hot water service. There are matrimonial, double and triple rooms.

Mornings can be cold in the Forest during our winter season (June/August); therefore each room also has a woodstove, which in a way reminds us of early settlers.

All the rooms have an exclusive view to the Forest.

While comfortably sitting in the room porch it is common to see humming birds, several bird species and even Agouties (Dasyprocta azarae paraguayensis).

Yacutinga Lodge’s aim is to provide the guest with a relaxed atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding Environment, thus achieving an intimate contact with Misiones Nature.

Yacutinga Lodge’s ecotourism concept is devoted to produce a wonderful relationship between the visitor and the surrounding Nature.

This means that everyone visiting and living at Yacutinga Lodge takes part in different environmental activities, such as environmental education-based walks, Native trees planting, Wildlife observation and classification, and interpretation of Natural processes to understand and discover this Forest.

The aim is to give the most complete information on Misiones Forest, on our traditions and habits. Also, to have the opportunity to communicate how and why we are protecting this Natural Sanctuary, probably one of the last relicts of the richest and most varied Eco-region in Argentina

Generally guests stay minimum 2 nights at Yacutinga Lodge, although programs with longer stays exist, these are based on birdwatching, identification of butterflies, recognition of medicine plants, native orquids and other epiphytes.

Any of these programs can easily be combined with the traditional visit to the Iguassu waterfalls





For more information: www.yacutinga.com

Reservas: yacutinga@yacutinga.com