The ecological looting in Misiones: A state of total impunity?

10603358_820153324691652_4053935198510478063_nThe clarity and forcefulness that provides regulations “Wildlife Conservation” and “Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity” and its components may not be enough for a successful implementation in the Province of Misiones.

Happens that cases of illegal animal and plant predation are a constant in both public and private nature reserves is a situation that allows affirming that without any fear of incurring excess, we are facing an unfortunate scenario of permanent and unpunished attacks on biodiversity.

It is an unbroken predation, sometimes directed at wildlife like much of the native flora; manifested in numerous acts of looting nature throughout various natural shelters located within the provincial boundaries, marked by a failure of control and a lack of treatment integrated to the problem.

10606545_820201154686869_4545512444705251288_nAs we said in the opening paragraph, the rules that are certainly improvable are clear: ecological concepts are explicitly stated, the object of protection is properly marked, and sanctions are established by the people in charge of it. However, attacks on biodiversity are showing repeat failures in the system in terms of the application of the legal system.

Now, does this mean we should resign ourselves to a life sentence of violation to our natural heritage? From our Wildlife Reserve Yacutinga we firmly believe that there are still alternatives, as long as we join to the fight of protecting our environment, occupying the positions we correspond, betting and working for appropriate awareness, environmental education and effective control.

The essential support to the fundamental nature of environmental rights is given for their commitment in the Constitution, which in Article 41 ° reads “All habitants have the right to a healthy and balanced environment suitable for the human development and productive activities shall meet present needs without compromising those of future generations (…)”.

It is also incorporated into the Constitution of the province of Misiones, through article 29 °, dedicated to non-enumerated rights of implicit recognition.

On this basis, we must understand that we have rights on the conservation of our ecosystems and the protection of our flora and fauna; that the State has a fundamental role in the protection of the environment; and that we can and must enforce these rights, which are expressly recognized in our legal system. Yacutinga directs its efforts in this regard with great conviction.

Damian Ricardo Jimenez

Lawyer-Technical Degree in Environmental Management

Institutional Relations

Yacutinga Private Wildlife Reserve