How child exploitation manifests

Foto prostitucion infantilAs we have mentioned, violence against children is part of a reality though it is a sometimes-silent scourge against humanity. In this context, if we talk about sexual abuse, sexual violence or sexual exploitation for commercial purposes, these are harmful criminal practices for the dignity and fundamental rights of children.

The First World Congress against Sexual Exploitation of Children (Stockholm, 1996) defined sexual exploiter as a person “who benefits unfairly from some imbalance of power between himself and a person under 18 years, with the intention of exploiting sexually that person, whether for profit or for personal pleasure. ”


The sex trade is a problem in many countries around the world. It is illegal, is manifested in different ways and difficult to measure. Children sexual exploitation may refer to sexual intercourse in which the child will pay for your services, but mostly those in which the operator gets the money.

In sexual abuse and violence, the operator directly attacking children as naturally vulnerable, using the first of any situation of some prevalence.

In the case of child trafficking, victims become recruited, transported, housed and fed by the operator, who is forced to work both on the street and in brothels of other establishments, which offer the activity.

With regard to child pornography, certain operators do not hesitate to photograph, film or record sex scenes involving minors, which are then sold for commercial gain.

Such are the various manifestations of this criminal activity, and it is against this that Yacutinga Lodge directs its efforts to support a struggle that is valuable of all aid.


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