Hotels in Puerto Iguazú

National Park Iguazú HotelMore than 50 hotels of different categories, providing a total of 7000 beds available, open their doors to the millions of tourists who visit every year, challenging the mighty Iguassu Falls in Argentina.

This wonderful natural landscape, located in the Province of Misiones, 17 km from the city of Puerto Iguassu, today has a wide range of hotels, from luxury 5 star hotels to small inns, covering all the needs of the various types of rating:

The classic Sheraton Hotel is known for having a privileged location, as it is the only hotel located within the Iguassu National Park, with a nice view of the water falls. It is ideal for traditional travelers, who choose service Hotel Chains, and prefer to enjoy and explore the falls early in the morning, avoiding the peak hours of the park. Thanks to the large number of rooms that comprise, and meeting rooms, is one of the hotels that manage to accommodate large groups, and host large conventions and events in the City.

Puerto Iguazu HotelAnother proposal that stands out for its location is the Panoramic Hotel, which has a privileged view of the confluence of the Parana and Iguassu rivers and the borders between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

For those who prefer to combine a nature getaway without departing from the city, and why not also have the pleasure of visiting the casino, the Grand Hotel Resort & Casino may be the choice. Other option for those who prefer to settle in the city of Puerto Iguassu is the Amerian Hotel, which is situated just 100 meters from the landmark three borders, and the Saint George Hotel in the center of the city. Only 7 blocks from downtown, Iguassu Jungle Lodge is a modern complex of 15 rooms, with good parking space and a nice park surrounding the building.

Iguazú HotelThere is a new alternative that has been very successful: the area known commercially, Yryapú Reserve. This place, in continuous growth, is an area of 600 hectares, whose entrance is located on National Route 12 very close to Downtown Puerto Iguassu. This area, of large real estate developments, holds one of the few Guarani Communities stationed in the town, which today must share the land with a large number of hotels, lodges and various proposals from large hotels like the Loi Suites , which has more than 150 rooms, pool, and varied services for the discerning traveler; to smaller and family as the Tierra Guarani Lodge , only 4 rooms, which achieves a warm and intimate surrounding; or Aldea de la Selva, with spacious and comfortable rooms; It is a good choice to stay with kids as it has special rates for families who prefer to share a room.

For travelers eager to explore the jungle and into full and exclusive contact with Nature, Yacutinga Lodge and Private Wildlife Reserve, just 80 km from Iguassu Falls, provide the opportunity to travel this ecosystem and discover its sights, with the help of environmental experts and auxiliary Guarani guides.

Yacutinga Lodge offers a variety of programs designed for different interests and profiles that develop within its 570 hectares of Atlantic Forest in perfect condition: fusion of gourmet native food, full contact with Nature, Culture and Guarani tradition, warmth in service, and magical details: Yacutinga makes the perfect complement to the traditional visit to Iguassu Falls.


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Yacutinga Lodge, Reserva Privada de vida silvestre – Misiones – Argentina