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Argentina & Brazil . An intense contact with Nature and Local Culture. Without a doubt the Iguassu Falls are one of the highlights of any travel plan to South America.

These marvelous Falls and the National Park Iguazú have been declared World Site Heritage by UNESCO and recently they have been included as one of the World Natural Wonders of our planet.
Perhaps all these distinctions may sound pretentious but as soon as you get immersed in the vast green of this National Park and start listening to the powerful roar of the waters falling chaotically, immediately you’ll understand an unusual natural theatre is opening its stunning show.

Iguazú falls Yacutinga Lodge

Iguazu Falls National ParkIt will take you at least two days to explore this natural wonder at its fullest. As the area is protected and there are plenty of visitors year around, tourism has been restricted to certain areas in the Park.

The most popular hikes within the Iguazú National Park are; The Low Circuit, The Upper Circuit and the Devil Throat. The three of them reachable by a narrow gauge train and its three Stations specially designed to manage such amount of happy touring visitors.

There are several considerations you must take into account during the visit to the Iguassu Falls. Here are some tips to make your experience more enjoyable.

• Do not forget to take drinkable water with you. The weather during most of the year in this area is quite warm, even hot during December, January and February. Sunglasses and a sunhat are a must.

• Take the Low Circuit trail in the early morning. The beginning of the day is sensational to enjoy this hike. Fresher and quiet. Remember, there are some steps through this trail. Take your time and enjoy it during whole morning.

La gran aventura• Lunch is not easy at the visitor area in the Iguazu National Park. There are some few restaurants and snack bars usually packed at lunchtime. A good idea is to take an small backpack with a couple of delicious sandwiches made by your own and enjoy any fantastic corner away from massive tourism. There are beautiful shady trees everywhere but… takes care with the pelotons of Coati raccoons while taking your outdoor lunch. These interesting and cute mammals are quite insistent when trying to share your delicious jungle meal with them.

• In the afternoon, depending on how adventurous you are there are different options. For the more adventurous a good idea is to take the funny and ¨adrenolytic¨ bumping jet-boat service through the waters of the river Iguazú . Truly, the curtains of these impressive waters will shower you. For the Nature oriented and binocular fanatics, the option of the 4×4 ride though the Jungle with an specialist guide is the perfect opportunity to site some exiting species as Toucans, Cotingas and Guans. The photographers usually take the warm midday hours of the day to picture diurnal butterflies while walking through the Upper Circuit. If there is not plenty of people going to The Devil Throat with the tiny train do it without a doubt. Otherwise leave this visit for your second early morning in the area.

• During the nights with full moon there is a quite special service at the Iguazú Falls. Rangers organize for few people a nocturnal visit to the Iguazú Falls. If you are in the area at the time you cannot miss it.

• The Second afternoon of your stay in the area can be dedicated to visit the Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls. It is a visit for some hours and considers customs; you will need to pass through from Argentina to Brazil. In high tourist season (November to March) this border pass can take you one hour or more. The Brazilian side of the Falls presents a different approach to this wonder. More panoramic but less interacting. Going there in the afternoon is quite clever… you will have sunlight at your shoulders, meaning better panoramic views of the horseshoe form by the impressive two miles cliff of the Iguazú Falls.

• Last but not less. Binoculars, insect repellent, sunblock cream and confortable hiking shoes.

Two days at the Iguassu Falls area will allow you to enjoy the area of the waterfalls.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – For those with more time, more curiosity and intrepid spirit there is something special waiting to be discovered, the Iguassu Jungle and its biodiversity.

The Iguassu Falls, located at the Iguazú National Park are the main tourist attraction for the area but the surrounded jungle deserves great attention since this subtropical ecosystem is quite gentle and interesting for the curious traveller.

Jungle Hotel

Two hours away from Puerto Iguazú at the heart of the Iguassu Forest and located in an exclusive Nature Private Reserve a quirky Eco lodge provide the bespoken jungle service in the area.

Yacutinga Lodge is a unique Environmental Project based in ecotourism. Confortable and peculiar it provides a genuine experience in the wilderness.kayaks

There are different packages specially designed for Nature Lovers, this place does not accept booking for a single night, the shorter stay must be of two overnights in the place because it is the time guests need to relate properly with the jungle atmosphere, enjoy the silence of the place and the magic of the nature it conserves.

All eco-programs include incredible and tasty gourmet native meals and guided Eco tours scouted by ecologist and Guarani people. The fantastic ambience recreated by this peculiar small hotel is based in its respect to the environment.
Guests are welcome by candle lighting, fireplaces, the Milky Way, the sounds of nature, birds, mammals, butterflies, bromeliads, orchids and a marvelous team formed by local people willing to conserve such biodiversity applying to responsible tourism and modern concepts of sustainability.

An open eye experience away from massive tourism.

Yacutinga Hotel Iguazu Jungle


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