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Yacutinga Insight | 3 nights

This program was specially designed for encouraging the relationship between Man and Nature in an original and inspiring way. Our program was created for people who are looking for alternatives to improve their lives in a holistic way, and who are also willing to discover and enjoy nature in an exuberant environment, full of wild life.


Day 1: Puerto Iguazú / Yacutinga Lodge

2.30 pm. Transfer from our meeting point in Puerto Iguazú to Yacutinga Lodge.

We start our journey from Puerto Iguazú to the heart of the Misiones rainforest. When we arrive to Comandante Andresito, the landscape is really picturesque- characterized by a deep green, reddish soil, and country people working on their Yerba Mate farms.

5 pm- In the afternoon, we arrive to the Lodge; guests are welcomed by our staff and guided to their rooms.

7 pm- Introductory speech and presentation about the special activities that will be done during your stay.

Dinner. Vegan or vegetarian food.
Accommodation at Yacutinga Lodge.

Día 2: Yacutinga Lodge & Wildlife Private Reserve

Sunrise meditation & Pranayama at the treetops. Our day starts with a guided meditation session at the Palmetto tower. We will try to bring our mind to a state of peace by focusing in the “here and now”. Meditation makes us feel full of energy, helps us to reduce stress and to be alert and focussed, improving awareness and self-expression by connecting with our inner self. We will also do some conscious breathing control exercises.

Vital breakfast.

Native Orchids Rescue- After breakfast, we invite you to participate in this conservation program that Yacutinga reserve has been promoting for several years.*

Free time for optional eco-tours like canoeing along the waters of the jungle or nature interpretative hikes.

Lunch – Vegan or vegetarian food.

After lunch, we invite our guests to collect herbs and flowers from the surrounding area, and our staff will teach them about the medicinal properties they have- based on the folk medicine of Misiones- to prepare diverse infusions afterwards.

Evening Yoga at the Hummingbirds Garden. Hatha Yoga introductory practice. Yoga is a system of self-actualization that aims to achieve harmony in every aspect: individual, social and natural. In the individual aspect, this practice helps us reach our potential, not only at the physical level, but also at the psychological and spiritual levels.

Afternoon tea. We will taste the different infusions made from the herbs we collected together.

Dinner. Vegan or Vegetarian food.

After dinner, next to the main fireplace, we will dedicate our free time to share experiences and read, while enjoying the deep quietness of the Rainforest night.

Accommodation at Yacutinga Lodge.


Day 3: Yacutinga Lodge / Private reserve of wild life

At Sunrise Yoga at the Hummingbirds Garden. Hatha Yoga practice.

Vital Breakfast

Native Orchids Rescue- (Last part)

Lunch – Vegan or vegetarian food.

After lunch, free time for optional eco-tours or other Insight activities (Yoga, pranayama or meditation).

Dinner. Vegan or vegetarian food.

Meditation & Pranayama under the stars. After the sun sets, we will connect with the shiny night sky that can be observed from the heart of the rainforest- due to the fact that we are far away from big cities and the nearest town is really small- the sky becomes the center also at night, since we can admire its immensity and a huge amount of stars. Surrounded by this marvelous context we will practice meditation, to connect also with the sounds and smells of the night.

Accommodation at Yacutinga Lodge.


Day 4: Yacutinga Lodge / Puerto Iguazú Meeting Point

Vital Breakfast. Check Out.

10 am. Transfer back to Puerto Iguazú (meeting point).
12,30/ 1 pm. Final arrival to Puerto Iguazú.
End of our services.

*Several years ago, at Yacutinga Private Nature Reserve we have confirmed the presence of various troops of Primates. The two representative species in this zone of the Misiones Province are the Capuchin Monkey (Cebus apella) and the Black Howler Monkey (Alouatta caraya). The overpopulation of these monkeys has produced a severe impact in the natural balance of our protected area being the bulbous orchids the species that have been suffering the biggest impact, since the primates forage for them intensively.

Because of this, we frequently find bunches of arboreal on soil. Monkeys while feeding on these bulbs throw them to the button of the Jungle forcing plants to survive in a different environment.

Epiphytes developing on treetops fallen on the ground due to the frenetic search for nutrients by Monkeys and as main resource for water because their chewing juicy bulbs. Unfortunately these orchids while fall on the ground, they die because of the change of habitat they have to undergo. In order to diminish this negative impact on Epiphytes we have developed the ¨Orchid

Rescue Program¨ to re-locate orchids into the Reserve.
You can be part of it !



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