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Yacutinga Insight

This proposal was drafted thinking of those people who are looking for alternate ways of improving their well-being, together with the discovery and enjoyment of nature in an exuberant environment, which is a living testimony of the Misiones Jungle conservation effort.


Yacutinga Insightis rooted in the need that arises in modern man to find the balance in the union of nature, the concern and conservation of the environment, and man himself. This is a strong and more frequent need these days. We humans aren’t very happy with the lives we lead. To live our life in a healthy and harmonic manner is a growing concern. We people that are looking for tools or techniques that may help us quiet, rest our minds, achieve a better connection with ourselves and the environment. The bottom line is going through hard times in a wiser way and enjoy our days in full.


Yacutinga Insight and its environment.The awareness of being in the Jungle, away from civilization, far from everything we know, surrounded by the boundless green depth of nature, produces deep sensations that reason cannot explain. The overwhelming silence that covers this jungle at times, gives us an infinite feeling that promotes our inner peace. When we manage to observe these surroundings at ease, in peace, we can slowly feel our pace falling into Nature’s step. We begin to notice our own breathing, we feel our body and mind intensely, we discover certain uncovered behavior patterns, as we go finding them we feel more clear and confident.

Yacutinga Insight, a cutting edge proposal. This trendsetting program in ecotourism expects to redirect us to the reunion with our inner world, put us in touch with our sensations, emotions and the here and now. These unique experiences thatachieve their goalby practicingcertain disciplines orartsdesigned to developthe full potentialof the human being(Yoga, Meditation, ConsciousFood, Ayurveda, Tai Chi, photography, painting, dance, etc.), combinedwith interestingenvironmental interpretationactivities.

Yacutinga Insight and Us.
Comfortably lodged in the magic ofYacutingaLodge,the durationof the programsvaries. Wesuggest a minimum stay of 3 nightstofully experiencethe proposed technique, and have the opportunity to get in closecontact with the floraand faunaofYacutinga Lodge and its wildlifePrivate Reserve.

- The program includes practices of the discipline included in the program, combined with outdoor activities: interpretative walks conducted by environmentalists and members of the neighboring Guaraní community, and the paddling trough the serene waters that cross the private reserve.

- All meals are included (vegetarian menu), accommodation, in/out tranfers from our meeting point in Puerto Iguazú (RaicesArgentinas), environmentalist guide, Guaraní auxiliary and instructor of the art or discipline included in the chosen program.

The best proposal to take a break from everyday life, experiencing a different and inspiring stay by enjoying the beauty and depth of the Misiones Jungle

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